Adoptable Female Dogs




Age:  8 Yrs

Weight: 16 lbs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with children: Yes 

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: Learning

Adoption Fee: $150.00 (Senior to senior adoption rate applies)

Special Needs: Hearing impaired and some blindness (see below)

Gidget is a happy senior BT girl that loves to snuggle on the recliner with her foster dad when she is not out exploring the back yard. 

Gidget would be a perfect companion for a low activity family with older children and/or pets.  She is very attached to her humans and although she really does not care to play with other animals, she definitely needs the companionship and company of other living creatures be they human or canine. 

Gidget will do best in a home where the family is present most of the time. We do not recommend her for a home where the family works long hours away from the home.

Gidget is house trained and is learning to be crate trained. She sleeps all night in an x-pen next to foster parents. She is learning to use the doggie door and she loves, loves, loves to lie in the sun.

We consider Gidget a "special needs" girl because she has some hearing loss. She also has a cataract on one eye. This has caused complete blindness in that eye. However, we will be having that evaluated at Animal Eye Care to determine if she is a candidate for cataract surgery.  News on that to follow.




Name: DELILAH (AKA Lila)

Age:  6 Yrs

Weight: 24 lbs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with children: Yes 

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: No

Adoption Fee: $250.00

There is so much to say about this silly, sweet girl. Her foster Mom says that she could talk about her all day. She is such a character.

Delilah (Lila) is a sweet and lovable BT mix (probably Jack Russell). She loves all people – big and little. She is good with dogs and when introduced to cats she was fine. She is a smart little girl who learned the doggie door the first day in her foster home.

Lila is house trained, loves to walk on leash, and enjoys exploring in the back yard. She and her foster Mom walk every morning and evening and she really enjoys this special time.

Although Lila enjoys running around, she also likes sitting on the sofa snuggled next to her people. She is not crate trained and she has shown no desire to learn. Currently she sleeps at the bottom of the “big people” bed and once in for the night there is not a peep out of her.

This is a sweet little girl who deserves the joy and love that she will give back to you. Is there room in your home and your heart for our silly little Lila? If there is, please fill out an adoption application. She is waiting for her forever and ever home.