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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are veteran Boston terrier advocates and have been doing Boston terrier rescue together for years. We are excited about creating CCBTR in Eastern NC. We look forward to becoming active in our local communities and working hand in paw with animal welfare agencies within this region. The CCBTR officers are:

President – Roberta Henry

Vice President – Laura Bader

Treasurer – Kathleen Quartana

CCBTR Mission Statement: Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of Boston Terriers. The CCBTR all volunteer network provides a coordinated, professional, and compassionate response to private owners and animal welfare agencies that request help with Boston Terriers in need.

CCBTR Strategic Goals:

  1. Rescue Boston Terriers from private owners, animal shelters, and animal welfare agencies.

  2. Provide high quality temporary foster care for dogs as they await forever homes.

  3. Conduct comprehensive adoptive home screening to determine home/dog suitability, and maximize adoption success.

  4. Maintain a veterinary care program that provides for the timely and humane medical treatment of foster dogs.

  5. Enhance our local communities by participating in programs that benefit disabled persons, veterans, seniors and children.

  6. Increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and help provide solutions to the killing of adoptable animals.

  7. Respond to crisis situations wherein puppy mill and backyard breeding dogs are seized.

  8. Liaise w/ other animal welfare and animal control agencies to ensure that Boston Terriers in need are quickly identified as such and moved to safety.